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Trusted Access to APAC Companies

We work with thousands of listed companies in the region to gain in-person attendance to their key investor events, including earnings meetings, analyst briefings, and much more.

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SCRIPTS Asia covers over ~80% of several key regional benchmarks, offering the most comprehensive solution for APAC company event transcripts.

Timely Meeting Artifacts

Event content is distributed within hours and in a range of formats to suit numerous use cases: Audio (MP3), Transcripts (PDF, XML, JSON), Q&A Session (PDF, XML, JSON), SCRIPTS Asia Event Reports (PDF). Data feeds are available via a RESTful API and Secure FTP.

  • Presentation Materials*

    By 8:00am the next local business day

  • Event Audio

    Within one hour of the event completion

  • Flash Q&A

    Within 3 hours of the event completion

  • Raw Transcripts*

    Starting from 90 minutes of the event completion

  • All Transcripts

    By 8:00am the next local business day

  • Translations

    Starting from 12 hours of the event completion

*Certain document types are not available until 11:00am the next local business day, due to company review policy.

Language Translation

High Quality Translations Within Hours

A comprehensive network of native speakers translate recordings into high-quality business-ready formats starting within 12 hours, covering:

  • Japan
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • South Korea
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Solutions to Fit Your Workflow

SCRIPTS Asia content is designed to be seamlessly integrated into our clients’ existing workflows. Expand your current coverage visibility with a simple solution offering unparalleled access to the APAC marketplace

We’re bridging the gap between Asia Pacific companies and the global investors.

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