Frequently Asked Questions

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The Platform

How many companies do you cover?

SCRIPTS Asia provides unique coverage of thousands of events annually in Asia Pacific. Our universe of covered companies is increasing daily, so please contact us at for an updated list.

Is there a coverage list you can provide?

Yes. Please contact us at for our most recent coverage universe.

What kind of events do you cover?

Our core event types are: Earnings meetings, analyst briefings, shareholder meetings, ESG seminars, product launches, R&D updates, and special situations.

How is SCRIPTS Asia different from my existing event database?

SCRIPTS Asia was started to address a known gap in coverage of investor events in Asia Pacific. In cooperation with our Corporate Partners, we have the unique access to attend thousands of restricted in-person events across the region. Data from many of these meetings is only available from SCRIPTS Asia.

What is the update timing of the database?

Audio files: available in the local language and in English–to the extent available-in MP3 format. Our target is to release these within one hour of the completion of the event for all locally attended events and live calls.

Raw Transcripts (Full and Q&A only): available in either the local language or English in cases where an event is held only in English. We provide these in PDF and machine-readable formats and aim to release starting within 90 minutes of the event completion.

SCRIPTS Asia Transcripts (presentation materials, event statistics, and raw transcriptions that collectively provide a complete and thorough representation of an event are integrated): available in the local language except in cases where an event is held only in English. We provide them in PDF format and publish them starting from 90 minutes after the completed event. English versions are available starting 12 hours after the completed event.

SCRIPTS Asia Translations: English translations of the local language event transcript are available starting from 12 hours after the completed event.

Do you have English translations of events in the region?

SCRIPTS Asia provides an English translation of local language events when the covered company meets sufficient investable criteria for international investors. This determination is based on such factors as market capitalization, liquidity, index membership and foreign ownership.

The Company

How do I request coverage of a particular company?

Please send your request to

Where can I see SCRIPTS Asia content?

Our content is available on a number of terminal services (FactSet, S&P Capital IQ, Refinitiv, etc.) and the S&P Global Xpressfeed™ platform. We also offer our web product, the SCRIPTS Asia Client Portal, for search and screening functions if you do not have one of the terminal services previously listed.

How much history is there for the SCRIPTS Asia database?

We have history from April 2018 – but please note that the history varies by company.

How can I see a list of upcoming events?

You can see the upcoming event via our web product, SCRIPTS Asia Client Portal.

How can I see if you have a transcript for a particular company?

SCRIPTS Asia clients have several options for viewing our covered events and transcripts. If you are unable to find a transcript through the SCRIPTS Asia Client Portal or our channel partner platforms, please email us with your transcript request at

Do you cover the Question and Answer portion of events?

SCRIPTS Asia provides Q&A coverage for more than 99.5% of companies in our universe.

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