TSE to launch Investor Transcript Service

SCRIPTS Asia Inc. (“SCRIPTS Asia”, CEO: Erik Abbott), the leading provider of investor event coverage for Asia Pacific, and Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (“TSE”, President & CEO: Koichiro Miyahara), have concluded TSE’s PoCprogram (1)utilizing TSE’s platform for delivery of listed company event transcripts to institutional investors (2).

As demonstrated through the PoCprogram, event transcripts and translations provided by SCRIPTS Asia contribute to reducing the information gap for both domestic and overseas investors, while also improving the efficiency of information availability at securities firms. As such, TSE will launch a new service from June 2020 to provide SCRIPTS Asia content.

Additionally, TSE will coordinate with listed companies in Japan who are interested in having their investor’s events covered by SCRIPTS Asia.

(*1)Launch of a Proof of Concept Program for Utilizing Securities Data(2019/4/23)

(*2)SCRIPTS Asia and Tokyo Stock Exchange Partner to Provide Japan Investor Event Coverage through TSE PoC Platform

Service Overview

TSE provides transcripts (Japanese and English) for investor events created by SCRIPTS Asia. SCRIPTS Asia has become the leading provider of investor event information for Asia Pacific by offering unique access to thousands of key meetings across the region. In Japan, SCRIPTS Asia provides coverage of more than 500 listed companies. In addition, the service will be expanded through 2021 to cover more than 2,500 companies across 10 markets in the region.SCRIPTS Asia is used be leading institutional investors worldwide.

The following data types will be available through the new service.

Data TypeOverview
Transcripts(JPN/ENG)Transcripts(local language) and translations(English) of events such as earning announcements
Event AudioAudio file that SCRIPTS Asia obtained through in-person event attendance
  • Audio and event data will be delivered upon the event completion.
  • Transcription of the Q&A Section will be delivered within three hours of event completion.
  • Full transcripts of the event will be delivered by8:00 a.m. the day after the event completion. English translations are available within 24 hours of the local language transcript release.

Transcript information will be uploaded to buckets on public cloud environments provided by Amazon Web Services. Customers can download and use the desired data from the bucket via the Internet using the access key ID, etc. granted by the Company.

For pricing information, please contact us at the link below.
For more information about this service, please refer to the Event Transcript Service Guide.

*Investor Transcript Service(LINK: URL)

Information for Listed Companies

  • There is no charge for event coverage provided by SCRIPTS Asia.
  • SCRIPTS Asia will create an event transcript of financial results briefings, shareholders’ meetings, and other investor events on your behalf.
  • SCRIPTS Asia also provides a translation of your meetings in English, so you don’t need to do it at your company.
  • The full meeting transcript will be provided to your company free of charge. It can also be sent to investors or posted to your IR site.
  • For inquiries from listed companies, please contact us using the form below.

Contact Form for Listed Companies(https://reg18.smp.ne.jp/regist/is?SMPFORM=lhmc-lbrbpi-9b15f7a2dd90c1f7f6d3e3c29da545ca)

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SCRIPTS Asia and Tokyo Stock Exchange Partner to Provide Japan Invest Event Coverage

SCRIPTS Asia and Tokyo Stock Exchange Partner to Provide Japan Investor Event Coverage through TSE PoC Platform

SCRIPTS Asia, Inc. (“SCRIPTS Asia”, CEO: Erik Abbott) and Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (“TSE”, President & CEO: Koichiro Miyahara) today announced that they will provide SCRIPTS Asia’s industry-leading database of Japanese corporate investor events through the TSE’s Proof of Concept (PoC) test environment(*). Event transcripts will be made available in both Japanese and English, which will help to reduce the information gap between domestic and overseas investors.

(*) Launch of Proof of Concept Program for Utilizing Securities Data (2019/4/23) https://www.jpx.co.jp/english/corporate/news/news-releases/0060/20190423-01.html


Investor event coverage has long been available for US and European markets, providing transparency and context to a company’s financial results. On the other hand, event data in Asian markets traditionally has been restricted to the analysts or shareholders and required in-person attendance. To address this information gap, and to further open Japanese investor events, SCRIPTS Asia and TSE will cooperate to provide transcripts and English translations for investors worldwide.


Through the PoC, users will be able to access SCRIPTS Asia’s event data for the following event types: earnings meetings, analyst briefings, shareholder meetings, product releases, and special situations. SCRIPTS Asia works directly with each public company to receive permission for event attendance. SCRIPTS Asia Corporate Partner program has been well-received, with more than 400 companies in Japan participating.

Process: Need graphic


Application is required for participation in the PoC Program for Utilizing Securities Data and this PoC testing. For information on how to apply, please contact the following.

============================= Service Development Group, Information Services, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. E-Mail: inf_dev@jpx.co.jp =============================

About SCRIPTS Asia

SCRIPTS Asia is the leading source of event coverage in Asia Pacific, with exclusive permission to attend domestic investor events in the region, and from those events produces complete English and local language transcripts for global distribution. SCRIPTS Asia covers earnings result meetings, analyst briefings, shareholder meetings, major product releases and special situation events. In 2019, SCRIPTS Asia will attend in-person more than 1,700 investor across Asia Pacific. For our global clients, English documents are available within 24hrs of the release of our local language transcripts via our direct feed services or our channel partners worldwide. SCRIPTS Asia was founded in 2017, with offices in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore (fall 2019). SCRIPTS Asia is also a member of the Japan and Singapore Investor Relations Associations. Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. https://www.jpx.co.jp/english/ TSE operates financial instruments markets in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. The total market capitalization of listed companies on TSE is the third largest among exchanges in the world, the largest in Asia, and has been established as the central market in Japanese securities market. TSE is wholly owned by Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (Code: 8697).

SCRIPTS Completes Series A Fundraising Round Led by Japan’s QUICK Corp.

Investment to Accelerate Coverage of Additional Markets and Expand Content Distribution

SCRIPTS Asia, Inc. (Headquarters: Seattle, WA) today announced that is has completed its Series A round of fundraising, led by a strategic investment from QUICK Corp., Japan’s leading financial information provider. This investment will allow SCRIPTS Asia to further accelerate its rapidly increasing coverage of investor events across Asia Pacific for the global institutional investment community. In addition, QUICK Corp. has concluded a marketing partnership with SCRIPTS Asia in conjunction with their capital investment to leverage QUICK’s sales and distribution capabilities in the region.

The two companies are also pleased to announce the release of SCRIPTS Asia content via QUICK’s platforms from August 19, 2019. QUICK has completed the integration of SCRIPTS Asia data through its Knowledge Platform, giving clients enhanced access to SCRIPTS Asia’s exclusive event data, complete event transcripts, and related event survey information.

“QUICK is a natural partner for SCRIPTS Asia in the Asia Pacific region given their industryleading position and their understanding of the unique value provided by our content,” said Erik Abbott, CEO of SCRIPTS Asia. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with QUICK and see them as an ideal strategic investor in our business,” he continued.

Since its founding in 2017, SCRIPTS Asia has established itself as the leading source of investor event coverage in Japan and Asia Pacific through in-person attendance of thousands of meetings annually. From these meetings, SCRIPTS Asia produces full transcripts and English translations of the event, in addition to maintaining a robust database of meeting statistics and survey data. SCRIPTS Asia covers the following event types: earnings meetings, analyst briefings, shareholder meetings, product releases, and special situations.

In partnership with QUICK Corp., SCRIPTS Asia will release coverage of six additional Asia markets later in 2019, providing their mutual clients a comprehensive solution to domestic events across Asia.