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SCRIPTS Asia Translation Services

The traditional model of translation services is outdated.

Witnessing the inefficiencies of existing translation services, SCRIPTS Asia has pioneered a new approach to translation out of sheer necessity.  Our event coverage requires us to translate thousands of pages per day during our peak earnings cycle, within a matter of hours.  What’s more, we are required to translate for companies across sectors, industries, and even countries – all while maintain the highest accuracy for our institutional client base.

Given our lower cost, faster turnaround time and accuracy, several clients have requested for our translation capabilities. Having finessed our translation process, we are now pleased to extend the usage of our translation capabilities as a standardized service, outside of the event season.  Clients can take advantage of our unique translation capacity, market knowledge, and finance-specific production standards to revolutionize existing translation processes.

THE SCRIPTS Asia Advantage

We are pioneering a new way to translate better, faster and cheaper than the current traditional translation model. We translate 100,000s of pages annually to produce our investor event database.

  • JPY10/word –  A new world for translation pricing.
  • 24hrs –  Our turnaround time.
  • 100,000s – Our annual translation volume on Japanese companies. 
  • A friend in the industry – We cover many of the same companies as our client. Let us share our knowledge.


We work with institutional investors only for the translation of documents related to listed companies in Japan.  Our service will expand into the Korean and Chinese language in the coming months.

We uphold ourselves to strict standards and quality control when it comes to translating research reports, coverage initiation, ratings changes, etc.  The longer the document, the better it is for us.

If you are interested in our unique approach to translation, we would be glad to discuss whether the SCRIPTS Asia Translation Services will be a good fit for your firm. Please contact for further details.

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