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Immediate data-driven clarity into APAC markets for Quant Managers.

Quant Managers investing in APAC equities require a level of insight that SCRIPTS Asia delivers on for over 2,000 Asia Pacific companies. SCRIPTS Asia is an all-in-one solution for investor event transcripts in Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean languages, as well as English translations. It’s a timely, comprehensive, and constantly expanding platform that Quant Managers can specifically seek out for their unique data-intensive needs.

For direct database access, SCRIPTS Asia offers both Restful API and Secure FTP data. Additionally, through a partnership with S&P Global, this content can be delivered seamlessly via the Xpressfeed platform.

SCRIPTS Asia is a discreet resource that Quant Managers can rely on for access to unique content for APAC companies, unavailable anywhere else. The database is point-in-time, with historical data starting in 2018. Everything is fast, easily searchable, and translated into English as needed. 

We tend to see things through the lens of quantitative analytics, so SCRIPTS Asia is essential to the data-driven modeling we constantly perform on APAC equities.”

- Quant Manager, USA

Where Quant Managers go to seek out unique APAC data.

Quant Managers rely on SCRIPTS Asia for their data-intensive modeling needs. In one place, they can gather key data and insights aggregated from thousands of earnings meetings, analyst meetings, shareholder meetings, ESG seminars, and more, including even restricted in-person events. It’s a body of information unequaled for its immediate utility to Quant Managers seeking accurate, timely, highly relevant data on 2,000+ APAC equities.

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