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SCRIPTS Asia is an essential resource for securities firms, regardless of whether they operate onshore or offshore. It offers critical insights from corporate partnerships connected to over 2,500+ Asia Pacific equities. More than 80% of key regional benchmarks are covered. SCRIPTS Asia is the most timely and comprehensive source for corporate event data. The coverage and knowledge base is continually expanding to better empower the decisions that securities firms rely on.

Firms can access content through the SCRIPTS Asia Client Portal or leverage 3rd party terminal service partnerships to have the data seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow. Redistribution service integrations offered include FactSet, S&P Global, Aeira, Refinitiv, and more.

For direct database access, SCRIPTS Asia offers both Restful API and Secure FTP data. Through an exclusive partnership, this content is also delivered via the S& P Global Xpressfeed platform.This wealth of investor event data is meticulously translated, delivered quickly, and easily searchable. With SCRIPTS Asia, you can glean management insights in your notes or phone conversations with ease. This single, user-friendly solution instantly removes the barriers securities firms have traditionally faced in APAC markets.

“As an offshore investor in APAC markets, this firm relies on the timely and accurate data that SCRIPTS Asia consistently provides.”

– Senior management, US Securities Firm

“Our intention is to expand APAC operations and investment. The markets in the region can vary tremendously in maturity and volatility, but insights on an enterprise-level from SCRIPTS Asia help level the playing field.”

– Senior management, US Securities Firm

“SCRIPTS Asia has helped to shape our understanding of equities in Mainland China, where we will be stepping up investments in the coming year.”

– Senior management, US Securities Firm

“SCRIPTS Asia is an essential tool for any firm seeking to gain insights and intelligence into the APAC region. A region that is comprised of many markets and countries having different cultures, languages, and investment practices. It’s a must have to bring transparency to the markets and region

- Senior management, US Securities Firm

Access Clear and Reliable APAC Data

The critical data and insights that securities firms require to participate in Asia Pacific capital markets can now be found in one place. SCRIPTS Asia stands alone for the depth of knowledge it can share across an entire enterprise from thousands of earnings meetings, analyst meetings, shareholder meetings, ESG seminars, and more, including restricted in-person events. It’s a body of information unequaled for its immediate utility for professionals seeking deep insights and timely, highly relevant data for 2,500+ equities in the APAC region.

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